About me

It’s never easy to talk about yourself (to be honest, I’d rather find out more about you!) but since you’re going to invest your time and hard-earned cash in me, let me show you what I can deliver.

Jeremy & Sharon surprised their guests when a birthday party turned into their wedding. Fun!

First of all, I’m not your “mum’s friend” type of celebrant. You know the kind – they talk about their own marriage and wink at your guests when they mention the wedding night. Don’t get me wrong, I love mum’s friends – but that doesn’t make them the right kind of celebrant for you. So what kind of celebrant am I?

I’m a celebrant who’s all about you! I work with you to create a ceremony that is meaningful and memorable to you – with a good dose of my bubbly personality. I get to know you as a couple and ensure your uniqueness shines through every aspect of the ceremony. I consider all the logistics from the moment guest arrive to when I declare you married to make sure the day runs smoothly. And of course, I make sure your marriage is legal (super important!). Find out more about my process.

I’m a passionate supporter of marriage equality – in fact, you might’ve received a phone call from me asking you to vote in the postal survey. I also love dumplings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and my cat, Pancake (even though I’m usually a dog person). But most of all, I adore being able to help people stand in front of their family, friends and the rest of the world to say “this is the person I choose.” And that’s why I love being a celebrant.

Quick-fire round

My style: Relaxed, fun and personal.

My superpower: Empathy.

How other people describe me: Honest, thoughtful, vivacious and cool (that last one is from my mum).

My credentials: I have a Certificate IV in Celebrancy. I’ve also been a professional writer and editor since 2006, and I’m a CX specialist, which is just a fancy way of saying I’m dedicated to creating amazing client experiences.

My pet peeve: Impersonal, overly serious wedding ceremonies that are full of cliches.

Words I’ll never use in your ceremony: Destiny, journey, soulmates, moist.

My favourite kind of people to work with: Freely consenting adults who are excited to make their chosen person an official partner-for-life. Your age, gender identity, race, colour, nationality, ability and sexual orientation are all part of a rich tapestry that makes you – YOU! But what matters to me most is that you know why you want to get married. The reasons are different for everyone, and to me, that is the most interesting and wonderful thing about marriage.

Feelings about pineapple on pizza: Abomination!

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